Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the {toy} room

sometimes, i just feel like organizing. i can only take it for so long and then i'm just consumed until i get a couple of hours and totally overhaul a room or a cupboard ! my victim this time was the toy room.


we ordered bunk beds for the kids room. they share a room and have been sleeping on mattresses on the floor since easter. no biggie, except that we ordered these bunk beds months ago. they were supposed to be here by mid july. um, yeah, it's almost mid september now !

why am i telling you this ? well ... i've been putting off really organzing the toy room because once the beds come, some of the things from the toy room are moving into the bedroom. see, the bunk beds are the kind with a desk underneath. they will both have their own desk and obviously, we will move the crayons and pens and pencils and scissors and glue and paper and coloring books and you get the picture ... into the room with their desks ! but i can't move that stuff yet or it would just be on the floor !!

well ... i couldn't stand it any longer so the other day, i just got in there and got it done. it'll change again but that's ok ! it always does ....

i took a bunch of photos. in no particular order, i'll just tell you what i did ... you ready ?? ok ... let's go ...


the closet. previously they were a couple of big boxes on the floor. no lids. never looked tidy. i hated it ! this bookshelf was in the room as well. never really had a specific purpose. so, i moved it into the closet and filled it up with stuff ...


alia has lots of little bits and pieces. costume jewelry, rings, handbags, wallets, makeup. this top shelf holds all of those things ...


the bottom shelf has a box of spy gear, a box of superheroes, and a box of cars.


the two boxes on the top shelf are ones that i get down as we need them. my mom always had a box of baby toys for visiting babies. i thought it was a brilliant idea so when i was getting rid of the baby toys, i kept a collection for when we have little friends over ! it's great ! the other box up there is puzzles. the kids aren't into puzzles so much as they used to be. i get the box down when they want it and it works great. saves having all of the pieces taken out and strewn all over the place when we have visitors who aren't used to a box with 50 puzzles all separated into sip lock bags !!


the other side of the closet is home to a box with all the barbie stuff, and then two miscellaneous boxes. one has yo yo's and marbles and magnetics and stuff like that. the other had kitchen appliances and a dust buster and magic wands ! :) there's the dress up stuff hanging. that works so well. we've had it that way for a while now ! and the top shelf is the big roll of paper from ikea ... and some great drawings that they've done on it !! i like them to ask before they use it ... my kids are HIGH CONSUMERS of anything paper or craft !!


we also have this cupboard in the toy room. oh shoot ... i forgot to open those doors and take a photo for you. in the double door section, alia has all her little pet shops set up. it's great ! she can leave it setup in there and just open/shut the door !! the single door is the same ... only my little pony !! i'll have to take a photo later to show you !


this is the lego shelf. one box of lego's. one box of lego instruction books.


these next two shelves are at the top ... they are things that jono has built and doesn't want to get wrecked when little cousins or friends come over.


he loves lego.


a while back, i had a dilemma. these kids do so much drawing, but what to do with it all ?? i save my favorites but they just keep producing. i don't want to throw it away ... at least not straight away. so ... i gave them this box. it was full, two times over ! i had to cull a lot of it. i found some great stuff !! jono wrote a ninja book that i'm going to share with you soon !!


alia's baby clothes and blankets and potty ...


paper and drawing stuff ...


and the top shelf. home to all the excess stuffed animals and dolls ...


the fridge.


these stack-able 'boxes' are great ! i've labeled them and so far, the kids are doing a great job putting things back in their right place. ( i labeled everything with a flat surface !!) ha ha anyway ... this is obviously all the little kitchen bits and pieces.


the bookshelf.
yeah, blurry picture.
you'll survive !


this is the other side of the room ...



alia has been writing this everywhere !

(can you see it on the crib ?)


well ... that's it folks. toy room done.

i've started a new schedule today. after a planning session in the bath last night ! :) i got up at 5:00 am. I've been working on the computer and will get off by 6:30 at the latest. it's 6:12 ... eek ! the time flies !! i have been thinking i need to 'un plug' a bit more and just get control over my time spent on the computer. we'll see how this new system works ...

i'll let you know !!

ps ... i'm not proof reading this. no time !! :)


Mari September 10, 2009 at 6:52 AM  

It looks so good! You should feel good about this accomplishment!

A Captured Reflection September 10, 2009 at 7:20 AM  

Good work, and I think it's rather cute that Alia wrote happy, could have been something a lot less savoury - means she is happy.

I love to organise myself, when I get into it I like to really do a thorough job.

I couldn't imagine having my two sharing a bedroom - that experience on holiday in Australia was pretty tiring. I think it is because they are so different - one night owl, one early riser, one introvert, one super social - plus our kids bedrooms aren't very big.

I keep meaning to ask - how is the swimming going? And the book club...and are you an Aunty again yet? hugs.

Kayren September 10, 2009 at 8:45 AM  

I love it! It so looks like something I would have done if my kids were still a little smaller, although I still have some of those same boyish toys. Except boys just never got into the Legos.

When I was in about the second grade I got a little pre-inked penguin stamp out of a cereal box. I'd never had anything quite so great in my entire life. I stamped a lot of things with that, never my wall, but I did do the side of my nice white dresser. You know the kind with the goldish trim from the '70s. Yep, permanent ink penguins on one side. It was great until I got older and rearranged my room and that side showed.

Peggy September 10, 2009 at 11:39 AM  

I love the stackable bins next to the kitchen set. Awesome idea.
All my kids puzzles are in ziplocs, I think it makes it much easier.

jane September 10, 2009 at 10:38 PM  

please come to my house! i´ll feed you and take you out for coffees... please... looks great. tell me how un-plugging goes- it sounds like something i need to do too. :)

Palmer and Co September 15, 2009 at 10:37 AM  

Happy is good... it could be worse!

liza September 17, 2009 at 3:51 AM  

Thank you for this post! So many good ideas. And it looks real - like it will work! I have to get control over the toys and this will help. I also like that you admit you need less time on the computer - I must reschedule, too.

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