Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wreck This Journal

On Pinterest the other day, I discovered  "Wreck This Journal".
I had seen it referred to before but wasn't until the other day that I realized it was actually a thing.
I started to investigate and today I went and bought one. 
It wasn't expensive.  Less than $15.

I can tell you already ... it's going to be $14.95 well spent!

I have only had it for 8 hours and already I love it!

The whole premise of the book is this ... it's meant to be imperfect.  It is meant to be wrecked.  It's not a "write your feelings in it" journal.  It's not a "draw awesome things that you want to keep forever" journal.  It tells you what to do ... and challenges you to think outside the box, if you will.

Eight weeks ago I couldn't have even considered doing something like this.  In another eight weeks I might just tell you why I can now ...
 photo 2295E429-64ED-479C-A059-A3A3FF983AB5_zpshgs5avdv.jpg

Instructions #1 ... carry this with you everywhere you go.
Today, I did.
I had it in my purse when I went to the grocery store.
I had it in my pocket when I was doing the gardening.

 photo 283C0BA2-360D-4187-ABA6-8BA6C4EF1D97_zpsl4liufn2.jpg

Well, I had it in my pocket until I pulled it out to RUB DIRT on one of the pages!

 photo E63DD06B-ED32-4DA6-9C86-345131940EEB_zpsm6jbz72z.jpg

I cannot even begin to explain to you how liberating that was! 
I felt so free.

 photo 879B7D04-6A85-4220-879E-213918A2DB6E_zps9r0mx3qt.jpg

And then I added a flower. 
A real, live, pretty smelling flower.
I decided I would try to press it and let it dry in my journal ...

 photo 3F69143D-9AC6-4E10-8FCF-DD3D81563F04_zpsrrt2lbdq.jpg

But the flower didn't like that. 
Not one little bit. 
And so I have a little yellow reminder that on the opposite page but no pressed flower.

And I'm totally ok with it!


I can't wait to share some more pages with you! 
The next one will be brought to you by a brand new pack of Crayola 24 Crayons!!


Mari February 27, 2014 at 2:54 AM  

Now that looks like fun!

Tessa February 27, 2014 at 2:24 PM  

Since messy books was always the teacher's comment on my work I wonder what setting free efforts would help me! She seemed more worried than I was but I really disliked the mark downs! Perhaps I sould get over being rated!
Love the idea of your book.

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