Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wreck This Journal - With Crayons

Is there anything that can make you feel like a kid again more than a box of crayons? 

 photo 44B8B91F-2AF3-4FEF-8852-EDA9E80A4A06_zpsj90vq2ji.jpg

The other night I decided it was time to break open a new box.
I have a small stash of Crayola 24 packs that my sister brought me from the States.
Crayola are not cheap here, not like there.
I treasure those suckers.
Clearly ...

 photo F71C04A4-5492-4FDA-8324-3E9AFECA0B3A_zpsknehkkom.jpg photo DA9BB000-ABA7-49B2-9792-D82F7B75A814_zpss2zn0fgd.jpg

The prompt was "color outside the lines."

 photo 7073D72C-4701-4319-9C97-715E1D473920_zpsmj3vyi6e.jpg

I only saw one line.  But I colored outside it.
I didn't scribble. 
I kind of wondered if that's what they wanted.
But then I decided it didn't matter. 
There are no rules in this book.
I was outside the lines.
And it was fun.

 photo 7754AD67-6535-4C32-AF0E-CA0673F73178_zpswsfi3a5c.jpg


Br@ndy February 28, 2014 at 2:33 AM  

I bought both of my boys this journal a couple of years ago for Christmas. I think K-man used 3-4 pages of it and College Boy probably hasn't even cracked the spine on his, lol. You are so darn inspiring with it, I might just have to appropriate one of theirs and wreck it right along with you. ;)

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