Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday's Books { 2 }

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I only got two books this week. I was in a super big hurry and so just returned some and grabbed these two reserves that had come in.  My husband, Rory recommended the top one {Born Under A Million Shadows} to me.  He just finished listening to it. He commutes and so most of his books are 'read' in audio form now ... 

I had just finished the book I was reading not 30 minutes before going to the library and was glad for a new one that I knew would be good.  {Does anyone else hate finishing a good book and then starting another one that isn't as good ?}

I'm excited about looking through The Flexitarian Table.  Do you know what a flexitarian is ?  1. A person who is mainly a vegetarian but who occasionally eats fish or meat.  2. Someone who is not a vegetarian but enjoys meatless meals. 

I am a flexitarian ! I love meatless meals ... but I'm not a vegetarian.

Last weeks books: I haven't read the novels yet.  I have finished one that I had checked out the previous week and I'll review that here soon.  You'll want to read it ... it was great.  

The three cookbooks: 

The Lygon St book: I've checked this one out before and was not overly impressed with it.  I thought that I'd give it another go since I've now eaten on Lygon St !  But ... still couldn't get into it.  If you are a history buff, you will probably love it.  I am about as far from a history buff as you can get ...

The Movida Cocina book ... LOVED IT.  Would love to own in, but realistically, there are probably only a few recipes we will try and so will probably just try them and then be content to check it out from the library again if I ever want to try something different.

Michelle Obamas book ... didn't like it.  Too much boring stuff.  I would have liked it to be much simpler, with more pictures and 'how to's'.  Maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance but I guess that's it with this sort of book, if it doesn't catch my interest straight away, I move on to something that does.

That's it for Thursday's Books this week.  Would love to see your pile of books !  Just take a photo of your library books ... post it somewhere ... anywhere (!) ... facebook, instagram, flickr, photobucket ... your blog ... and then come leave me a comment so I can come see. 

So, tell me ... what are you reading ?  And have you visited your library lately ?


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