Friday, February 13, 2009

"Show Me Your Systems" said Shay (Garage)


I had another mocha caramel latte yesterday ... I said I was going to !
It was not as delicious as the first one ... they never are. I need to remember that !
I hope you've got yourself a cuppa, this will have lots to look at.


Remember the before and after pictures of my garage ?
Go have a look if you need to.
I'll wait.

do do do do do do do

do do do do


do do do do do

That's jeopardy music if you couldn't tell !!


This first little section stayed pretty much the same except that the rubbish bin and recycle box didn't used to be there. They fit much better there then they fit in the other place. Oh ... the vacuum cleaner. It used to be farther in but this is much handier access. You may be wondering why my microwave is in my garage ! Well, there's not really room in my kitchen ... the door to my kitchen is right there, beside the rubbish bin. Having the microwave here is almost like having it in the kitchen ... plus, I don't use it all that often anyway. I didn't take a photo of the open cupboard because I didn't change anything inside it ... but, it contains my bigger kitchen appliances. Pop corn popper, sandwich press, juicer, stuff like that ....


You'll be happy to know I did indeed clean my rubbish bin after the embarrassing photo in the stinky story post ... I just couldn't not post a photo of it nice and shiny clean !!


Storage is a HUGE problem in this house. We have very little of it available. Case in point, there is no linen closet. We bought this one and it lives in the garage. It had been driving me crazy though. As you can see in the before shot, it was way too full. So ... I moved the extra blankets and pillows ( you'll see where they are stored in the next photos) and just rearranged the rest. Now my linen closet is just sheets, towels, pillow cases and table cloths.


We have this old entertainment unit in the garage as well ... for storage. It works well except I've never known what to do with the big 'tv section'. It's too big to work effectively. So ... that big target bag ... it's got all the extra blankets and pillows in it !! Perfect. On top of the unit, I've got an old computer than I'm giving to a friend, our Christmas tree and the red/white/blue bag has got the fleecy under covers that go on the bed in winter ... plus my electric blanket.

The kids shoes live in the garage. In that white basket. We always come in this way and it's nice to have their shoes right there for those mornings that we are in a rush. We rarely have kids running around trying to find their shoes ! (it's me who runs around trying to remember where I took mine off !!)


This space on top of the dryer has always felt like wasted space to me. Not any more. I moved those stack able white things. I don't know what they are called. They used to be in the entertainment unit but they weren't convenient to get into because I always had it covered with the sheet ... just looked better. But, here is perfect !! Want to know what lives in them ? Hopefully not mice. ha

The top one on the left is those plastic bags that you get from the grocery store when you leave your 'green bags' in the car ! They are good for garbage bags and carrying wet swim suits though so I keep a good supply of them on hand. Next shelf down houses a few 'green bags'. I keep the majority of them in the car but I do like to have a few in the house too. The third shelf down is all of our goggles and caps for swimming. And a box with a few bits and pieces of cat stuff. You know, brushes and junk. The bottom one on the left side has a box of clothes pins. I hang our clothes in the house ... I'll share my laundry system with you soon too ! On the other side of the clothes pins is all the single socks ....

Ok ... the three shelves on the right. The top one has all my cleaning supplies, including rags, for easy access. Middle one ... a box of candles and the bin liners. The bottom one has the phone books. I'd like to throw them in the bin but Rory uses them from time to time so ... not yet !


Moving around the garage a bit ... next to the washing machine. More wasted space. A box holding a water noodle ?? Hello .... !? Now, it houses all of my spare organizing materials. Or ... my stash !! I rarely throw out things that can be used to organize ! Systems are continually changing ... developing ... improving. It's good to have a little stash !! Just make sure you have somewhere to keep it !!!


The last two shelves are closest to the roller door in the garage. The blue shelf houses all of the kids stuff ... except their bikes ! The other one is tools, fishing tackle boxes, Rory's sports gear, the tent, the radio controlled plane, the roller blades and up top ... the water noodle ! Much better home for it !!! *sigh of relief*


In every organizing session ... there must be stuff that LEAVES your home ! We accumulate so much and we just don't need all of it. I am a hoarder by nature. I've had to teach myself to let go of things. After years of teaching (!!) I do it quite naturally and very regularly.

But what to do with the stuff ??

If I know of someone who needs something that I'm getting rid of, I always offer it to them first. I love to give stuff to an organization here on the coast that gives things away free. You know, like a second hand shop ... except they don't sell it. They give it. I love that. As well, I give stuff to my favorite second hand stores. The ones that use the money they make to put back into the community ... I like that too.

The big items of furniture that need to go ... again, if I know of someone who has a need, I offer to them first. Next step ... freecycle.

Our communities are so full of people with needs. I'm constantly overwhelmed by it, by the feeling of 'where do I start' ? How can we ever help all these people ???

"What is in your hand" ? -- something I heard in a sermon that has stuck with me ever since.

What is in my hand ? What am I good at ? What do I love to do ? I'm wired that way for a reason ...

I'm good at systems, paper work, filing, databases, spreadsheets, etc ... I believe in the purpose and vision of the place where I work and want to be part of it. That is why I volunteer as an administrative person.

I'm good at organizing. I love doing it. That is why I help as many of my family and friends (as will let me) organize their homes ...

I cook. I cook well. I love to cook. I love to cook well. Our dinner table ... it's in my hand. We open it often ...

I give rather than sell things I don't need ... it's in my hand.

What's in your hand ? What are you good at ? What do you love to do ?


Sabba and Nanny February 13, 2009 at 8:53 AM  

I love it. A lesson in a phrase. What's in your hand? A sermon we can act on. Brevity the soul of wit. Communication at its best.

Mrs. Wallace February 13, 2009 at 8:57 AM  

You inspire me! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I'm related to you!! Oh and by the by...on an orginizational inspiration level...I need to take some pictures of my bathroom and bedroom...unpacked and organized! Well, the bathroom is organized...the bedroom still needs some work cause I haven't had time to unpack from winter camp :-)

Khrista February 13, 2009 at 9:07 AM  

AWESOME! I had a bit of organizing energy today too! :) Love the last bit about "what is in your hand?"

Mari February 13, 2009 at 9:25 AM  

Everything looks great - so organized and clean! I like what you said about it being in your hand too - a good lesson!

Unknown February 13, 2009 at 1:21 PM  

Even garages need love! My garage is a disaster... That'll go on my spring task list after seeing your results. I also like the possibility of making some kitchen things just a little harder to access--that would be a great trick to cut down on unhealthy cooking methods: hide the tools!

Demara February 14, 2009 at 8:12 AM  

Wow you've been busy!

Toni February 14, 2009 at 11:03 AM  

You do inspire, that's for sure.

I need more storage so I can become organised :D

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