Friday, October 14, 2011

Burger Favorites

It's Friday !  You know what that means ?!  Time to share some of my favorites !  So far we've done Crock Pot Favorites and Freezer Favorites.  This week ... BURGER FAVORITES !  Do you make burgers at home ?  Oh ... you should !  It's not hard ... I have a great burger meat recipe for you !  You are going to love it !! 

We found this website a while back called The Cheese and Burger Society.  It is an amazing site.  No recipes, just ingredient ideas.  So ... what I'm linking here is based on that, but with recipes we have found or made up (but using The Cheese and Burger Society names)

PS ... make sure that when you go to The Cheese and Burger Society site you have your speakers on !  The narrator is HILARIOUS !  It's worth visiting just to hear his descriptions of the burgers !

Eggplant Burger
(not a Cheese and Burger society one)

Meat for Burgers 
The burger pictured here is our absolute favorite and it is a
cross between the Bohemian and the Pioneers !  YUM YUM YUM !!!


These are all linked to recipes on my food blog ... aka The Beans Blog ...


Mari October 14, 2011 at 11:58 PM  

Yum! And you're right about the Cheese and Burger society - funny!

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