Monday, January 4, 2016

Rain or Shine. Or Both.

Don't you love just love the different types of weather?

 photo DSC_0201_zps0tesimzo.jpg

Yesterday morning I pottered around in the garden, pruning our random tomato plant
and uprooting the zucchini two plants that refused to grow before sitting on 
the porch swing chatting with my best friend who lives overseas.

 photo DSC_0226_zpswtf7ojan.jpg

This morning, after a night of pouring rain,
it had slowed to a steady drizzle so I stood on the back patio
admiring the rain drops that lined the foliage of the jasmine vines. 

 photo DSC_0181_zpskj18ywcs.jpg

I kept watching them drop and decided I needed to grab my camera and take some photos!

 photo DSC_0195_zpskxtybfif.jpg

The light was amazing! 

 photo DSC_0229_zpsyholx3jt.jpg

Who would have thought?  A rainy day?  Good lighting for photos?! 

I guess that's how we learn, eh?  By doing.

 photo DSC_0204_zps0skllzyl.jpg

As I was peering through the lens, my eye found a little hidden wonder ...

 photo DSC_0213_zpsryj2saec.jpg

A gorgeous dragon fly seeking shelter from the wet drops.

And the beautiful white flowers that had opened opened earlier in the week
were tightly shut, protecting their delicate centers from the rain.

 photo DSC_0219_zpsyqdnjqut.jpg

Such little beauties.

 photo DSC_0215_zpsiokernfp.jpg

This little one didn't shut quick enough and was pulled over by the weight of the rain.
I still thought it was beautiful though ...

 photo DSC_0222_zps3sqsqtfs.jpg

I do love the rain. 
And the shine.

Do you?


Mari January 5, 2016 at 12:55 PM  

Hi Bonnie! Your photos are gorgeous and I'm so happy to see a post. :)

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