Friday, April 3, 2009

Sharing Louisa May Alcott - A Repost

I'm re-posting this. The primary reason being the type of searches that keep showing this post up. Since the title was originally Sharing .... and then the title of this book. I've had people doing searches on sharing w*ves. I don't want to write the phrase because I don't want my blog coming up in those sorts of searches. Icky !!

Originally I just changed the title but that didn't change the link so I'm deleting the original entirely and just reposting this one ...

I was just going to repost it in the same spot but I've since finished the audio book and wanted to give a little review. It was WONDERFUL ! Took me ages to listen to since I only have short periods of time in the car but it was like having friends with me in the car each time I drove to work, or the store, or wherever I drove on my own !

The story is lovely. And though I've never read this book, I knew the story. I think that when they made the movie "Little Women" they used a lot of this book (which is it's sequel) in that movie as well ... Because seriously ... I knew the whole story !!

Here's the original post ...........................

I am listening to my first audio book ! Now that I am kid free in the car, I am able to listen un-interrupted. I saw this audio book by Louisa May Alcott in the library last week and snapped it up ! It is the sequel to Little Women. I am loving it. I think I would find it a difficult book to read, but listening to it is another story. All of the intonations from the reader make it easier to get through. And I love the language used ...

One of my favorite lines so far is this one, talking about Meg and her wedding. "So she made her wedding gown herself, sewing into it the tender hopes and innocent romances of a girlish heart ..."

Don't you just love that description ?

tender hopes ...

innocent romances of a girlish heart ...

Wow !

I was having trouble remembering the exact phrases when I got home. This might have been a draw back to listening to audio books for me. You see, I love good quotes and often write them down or go back and find them later ! Listening to this in the car didn't afford me opportunity to write and finding it later on the CD ... well, I'm probably not THAT interested ! BUT ... I found a great resource on the internet called Bibliomania: Free Online Literature. Check it out ... here is the page that holds the chapters that hold the quote I was looking for !! This amazing site is home to more than 2000 classic texts !!

So, tell me ... do many of you listen to audio books ? Why or why not ? Do prefer them over reading regular books ? I plan to continue to do both, by the way ...


Demara April 3, 2009 at 4:18 AM  

I've tried listening to an audio book before and I liked it, but I was frustrated with the fact that I couldn't finish it right then and there.

That's why I hate library rentals! I never have enough time with the rentals and I either lose the stuff, or forget to bring it back late.

I prefer stories I can see the beginning and end in one sitting, like a good movie!

I'm not good at projects! I am very impatient I guess.

Although, I do love to "feel" an actual book in my hand. I love to turn the pages and read aloud, at least I did when I was "babysitting" for those 15 years of my life.

Now I don't babysit am not around kids (haven't babysat for almost another 15 yrs.) and just work or play! So there's really no time to get into a good story.

btw Play for me includes: sketching, photoshop, photography, geocaching/hiking, mario kart, tv, and the cats. the only stories i "Read" are blogs!!

p.s. I never did finish the audio book.

The last book I finished reading from cover to cover was "The Shack" and I didn't like that book.

Sarah April 3, 2009 at 8:17 AM  

I love to read the actual book, snuggling under a warm blanket with my coffee, getting lost in the world of the book until the wee hours of the morning.

BUT, in the little bit that I do exercise, I can't read a book while I am doing it unless I don't care if my heart rate goes above snail's pace. That's where I like the audio books. Plus, it usually gets me on another day if it's a good one, so I can keep listening!

skywind April 3, 2009 at 10:41 AM  

This is great. Thank you for sharing. :)
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Kath April 4, 2009 at 3:09 AM  

I can't believe I have not read this book...I thought I had read L.M.Alcott's entire body of work! I even own most of them!!! Reading your re-post has reminded me that I need to find this and read it... with my eyes, though! I have discovered that things that go into my brain via my ears alone lull me to sleep. Actually, I have used that method to fall alseep when I'm having trouble to such an extent that I have trained myself to relax and get sleepy whenever I am just listening to something! If I have something on to listen to while I am doing something else, it becomes background sound and I tune in and out of that. Not a good way to read a book, I fear! So I fall squarely in the read with my eyes camp! (Have you read other Alcott books? I highly recommend "8 cousins" as a preface and then "Rose in Bloom". It's my favorite of her books.) Hmmm, maybe it's time to go back for an Alcott re-read!

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