Friday, March 27, 2009

A Day In The Life ....

The water lilies are out !! I love water lilies !! They are so beautiful ! I saw them out as I was driving the other morning and decided to stop. I nearly fell in trying to get some close ups of them with my little digi camera. Ahhh, one day ... one day I'll have a DSLR that I can fit our big lense to and be able to take amazing close ups from far away ! One day ... but not today !


Anyway, after stopping to visit with the murky pond that contained the beautiful flowers, I decided to photograph the rest of the day and take you on a 'typical bonnie day' ... if there is such a thing. No two days are alike for me. I do have a basic routine but it often gets adjusted because I'm flexible like that ... :)

So ... come on ... let me take you through my day ... don't mind the strange pose ... that's just me trying to take a photo of myself. I'm looking up at the sky because I always look ridiculous when I look at the camera. I'm not sure this was much better but it was the best I could come up with !!


Good thing I got into the car when I did because it started to drizzle just as I opened the door to get in ! AND by the time I reached the library, it was pouring ! Not to worry, I got a park close to the door and lugged my enormous bag of books to the return shoot.


I got my forms signed by the JP (forms for the house !!!) Of course, I couldn't go past the cookbooks without stopping to look and I had a look at the craft books while I was waiting my turn for the JP. Do you think I could leave that place empty handed ? Not a chance. Not when FREE BOOKS are involved ! I never make it out of the library without a bag full !!


But, come on. I've got to get to work. I just need to do a couple of hours for the fund raiser that we are having on the weekend. Oh dear ... construction. Don't know why I always forget this is happening ! I can't wait til it is finished. It's going to be a great improvement on the old road !


Phew. Made it. Here's my office. Come on in. I just need to work for a bit and then we can stop for some lunch. I'm going to order a sandwich from the cafe. You want something too ? My treat ...


Mmmmm ... turkey and cranberry !! Good choice !


I'm not quite finished with what I need to do but I'm frustrated because it's not working properly so I'm going to leave it and come in for a couple of hours tomorrow. Plus, Toni is on her way to my house to visit so we'd better head off ....

Here we are ... Home !

I'll just throw on a load of laundry ...


You still here ?

Sorry, I had to leave you for a bit. Toni was visiting. She helped me hang up the laundry, did a bit of knitting while I read a few of my new cookbooks. We walked to the school to get the kids and then came back to my place to hang out til soccer practice. I would have introduced you but ... I forgot ! Next time ...

I did get this incredibly cute photo of a cheeky grasshopper while she was here ... did you see it yesterday ?

It's almost time for soccer practice ... let's head on over.


I'm going to read some cookbooks, chat with the other ladies and watch Jono practice for an hour.

Home again. Jono's in the shower now. Alia's finished hers and is into her pj's. Rory is home but has to go out again. Excuse me for a bit while I lay on the bed and chat with him while he gets ready.

Dinner was supposed to be in the crock put but I didn't get home in time to get it started so it's not done. Rory's going to be out til late so I think I'll just run up to the fish and chips shop. The kids and I will share an order of calamari and chips. Cheap. Easy. Tasty. Not something we do very often ....

I'd better head the kids towards bed. Jono will read for a bit while I do Alia's book with her. She loves it and I so enjoy having dedicated time to talk with each of them, especially on a day like today when it's just been go go go. Jono's book is next. And then I'll let him read a bit more. He's getting that bit older now where he can stay up a little bit later ... plus, I just love that he loves to read and want him to do as much of it as possible !!

You thirsty ? Want something to drink ? I'm going to have some ice water and head into the family room. Actually, I think I'll just check my email first. And that's right. I wanted to post this photo too. I'll just do that. And yeah, I think I'll play a bit of bejewelled blitz on facebook. And I'll just check my google reader to see what everyone has been up to. Blogs read, comments made, emails read but NOT RESPONDED TO ( really need to do that ... they're backing up !! ), game played, eyes bugging out ... I'm heading to the family room.

Come on.

Get out your knitting needles. Or if you like you could just watch the TV. I've got it on for a while tonight. And I think Rory wants to watch some football later too ...


Yep, he does. It's 11:30 and his game is starting. I'm too tired. I can barely keep my eyes open to walk to the bed. Plus ... football doesn't do it for me !!! Unless you want to hang out and watch with him, it is probably time for you to go home ! Thanks for sharing my day ... hope you enjoyed it as much as I did !!

Good Night !!


Khrista March 27, 2009 at 3:04 PM  

I enjoyed tagging along with you today! So clever! :) And you know I'm going to ask....what'cha knittin'? I just finished another mug cozy (LOVE those things, instant gratification!) and now I'm heading to the couch to start some baby booties! :)

Sabba and Nanny March 27, 2009 at 6:20 PM  

You give new meaning to the concept of "stopping to smell the roses." I love that.

It's great that Jono loves to read so much. When I was a lad, I rode a school bus 45 minutes each way five days a week. I always had a book going, and that's when I did a lot of my reading. I loved the library and would go into town with my dad on Saturdays when he had to go in to the office.

I don't know what I would do without the ability to read. I am looking for a literacy program to get involved with. I believe that's something I could impart to others. Love, Dad

Mari March 27, 2009 at 7:37 PM  

I've enjoyed sharing your busy day! Good idea for a post - I may do that too.
The water lily picture is beautiful and worthy of framing!

Sandra March 28, 2009 at 3:16 AM  

Great post Bonnie, it was fun following you around. I've done a post like this before and it was so much fun :)

Kayren March 28, 2009 at 3:00 PM  

That water lily is gorgeous!

Terri March 29, 2009 at 5:53 AM  

What a great day. I love the water lilies picture.

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