Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Show Me Your Systems" said Shay (Kids Boxes)


Tuesday I showed you my wrapping paper system ... but, there's other boxes in my office closet. The Christmas decoration boxes, pretty self explanatory. Maybe I'll do a post about them next Christmas when I pull everything out. Maybe I'll forget ! We'll see ! *grins*

What I'm going to show you today are the pink and blue boxes. They hold lots of little treasures that I'm sure will be fun to go through when the kids are grown.


Are your kids like mine ? Do they do colorings and paintings and drawings and toilet roll crafts and cereal box crafts and you name it ... they do it ? Yeah, I thought so. What on earth is a mother to do with all of this stuff ? I have been keeping bits and pieces of what they do over the years. None of the cereal box crafts though ... too big ! My friend Kelli takes photos of those things and keeps the photos !! Brilliant idea !! I've done that with a few things ....

I have tried to limit myself to what I keep. That was harder when they were tiny. Every little thing they did, I wanted to keep. So ... I've got a good collection from their early years ! Now, I just keep things that they do a particularly good job on or that they are particularly proud of or it's something sweet that they've done, like this little beauty. Remember ??


Eventually, these things make it into the black notebooks you see in the photo below. Named, dated and filed in plastic sleeves in date order ... I'm behind a couple of years !! BUT ... that's ok. Because I just keep putting the ones I want to keep in the pink and blue boxes ! One of these days, I'll pull them out again and file them all and then start collecting again !!


They hold other things too. Here's Jono's box. In it, you'll find a small assortment of baby clothes and baby blankets of his that I want to keep. There's a few things grandma has made, like the library bag on the top there that he's outgrown ... Actually, she made the superman shirt and the blanket beneath the library bag too ! I just pulled those three things out of his room the other day.

There are letters from his cousins. (and other family members) Awards he's won at soccer ... once they come off his wall ... they go in the box ! Stuff like that. Eventually I'll put Mr. Bear in there too. That's his teddy bear that he's slept with since he was old enough to have stuffed toys in his crib !


Alia's box is the same ... but in her's there's also a little box with jewelry that she wore as an infant. One day I'll give it to her but not while she's bound to break or lose it !


Oh yeah, both of their boxes have a dummy ( pacifier ). Little sunglasses. You know, just the little stuff that you can't bear to throw away. Memories of the short period of time that they were babies !


Jono has started losing teeth, they will go in his box too, wrapped up in tissues like this ...

Is that gross ? To keep teeth ? I have my wisdom teeth and I think they are really cool ! I wish I had all my teeth.

I might end this post here. I'm pretty tired today. Rory and I stayed up til 11:30 last night *SHOCK HORROR* to watch the first two episodes of 24. Don't know why they do that ... show the first two at once ... maybe it's to suck you in ! Not that they need to do that ... if it's got Jack Bauer in it, I'll watch it !! Seriously, he's the only character that's been in EVERY season.

We rode bikes to and from school today, I worked out at the gym, I worked as well ... accomplished a lot which I was happy about ... and now I'm thinking "can't someone else cook dinner ?" Unfortunately, Rory won't be home tonight 'til after dinner so it's all on me ! Oh well ... my bread maker is making the dough for the Focaccia bread as I type, and I'm just making a simple dinner ... Trina's chicken casserole ... minimal effort for a yummy yummy meal !

I'm pretty sure I said I was going to end this post ....

Doing so. Now.


Mari February 5, 2009 at 9:19 PM  

I had boxes for each of my kids too. It's a good way to save some of those treasures!

Toni February 6, 2009 at 12:01 AM  

Oops I threw out Connor's teeth hahahaha

Stacy February 6, 2009 at 12:21 AM  

*sigh* you are so organized! Thanks for showing your systems. I think I will probably keep the teeth when they start falling out. You can always throw them away later...just as long as you don't show them to him right? Or do you not do the tooth fairy?

Bonnie February 6, 2009 at 7:44 AM  

We do the tooth fairy but as a game. The kids know it is us but we still play the game. (we do the same with Santa) We've told the kids that lots of kids don't know it's a game so we need to help their parents keep that secret. They are both really great. They haven't spoiled it for anyone ! Not even come close !! And they've known for years ... since the first time they asked about Santa.

Terri February 7, 2009 at 1:06 AM  

I've got boxes too but they're not nearly as organized as you!

Leeann February 7, 2009 at 2:01 AM  

Hi Bonnie!

Thanks for the recipe for the chicken casserole. I will make that this week coming up when Dh is out of town. He is pickier than the kids so I don't want him to change their little minds.

I have a box like that for each of my kids but it is an old diaper box each. I should use a better box. And, each of my kids has a big expanda-file with artwork, notes, etc in it as well.

Laura February 7, 2009 at 12:35 PM  

Hey that's awesome, I use the exact same system with each of my kids. Even the binders as well!

Very cool!

Kayren February 9, 2009 at 1:17 PM  

I have almost every one of my four kids' teeth. There are a couple we lost in the middle of moves that got lost/broken and I'm not sure which number tooth they were and such. I keep them in little snack size Ziploc baggies with the name, number tooth lost, and if I'm timely, the date. Sometimes a couple go in a baggie together and I get the month and year on there.

I have almost all my teeth from when I was growing up. Of course the orthodontist had to pull the majority of them so it wasn't too hard. I'm not sure which ones are which though since I have big teeth...most of the reason the orthodontist had to pull so many.

I also have boxes, but I haven't been through them for a while. You've motivated me to get on that and update some things. Oh, and do a post of course. If I can ever get all my moving boxes unpacked!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm enjoying your blog, and I love that you said you *love* so many things but you *loooooove*, or however you spelled it, to organize.

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