Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sharing My Favorite Bits ... YSM ... Chapter Three

I took a break from reviewing this book while we were in the States from Thanksgiving through to the beginning of the New Year.

If you missed my reviews of chapter one and chapter two you may like to go back and read them now.

Chapter Three ~ A Simply Beautiful Life

I'm reading through this chapter again as a refresher. It's been a while since I first read it and the notes I made aren't making a whole lot of sense ! At least, not enough sense to be able to write a decent review.

I'm amazed at the words I am reading and how timely they are. It was just yesterday that I was thinking about my life. About balance. And here Jodie is talking about 'inviting balance into your home' !!

She talks about financial challenges, quality of life, over spending, Christmas, getting back to basics, and embracing technology ...

Sometimes I think I embrace technology too much but we won't go there ! Not now, anyway !

I love the bit she shares about 'turning chores into blessings.' About 'understanding the significance of what you are achieving' ... Do we really know the value of what we do ? Sometimes I think not. And that's why it's good to re-evaluate. Nothing says that you have to do today what you did yesterday. Change is good and I mean to embrace it.

One thing that I love about this book and about Jodie's style of writing is the amount of information and topics in each chapter !! She continues on in this one to talk about the home, your wardrobe and different aspects of parenting.

This is a short one, I know. I think though that it's all you need. Just a taste !

Jodie has got a great website where you can get heaps of information, order the book and even sign up to receive her community newsletter. This week's letter just arrived and it was amazing. Talks about making a vision board. Simple. Effective. Great stuff !!


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