Monday, February 2, 2009

Sharing Lemon and Ginger


Would you like to join me for a cuppa ?

I'm having lemon and ginger but I've got other flavors if you'd prefer ...


Today was my first "Monday" at home without the kids. Monday is different from the other days of the week because Monday is my "free" day. Well ... I guess free is a relative term. I'm not lazing around at the pool (like I'd like to be) or anything like that but I'm not at work either.

This morning I had planned to go swim laps after dropping the kids off at school. I had also planned for us to start riding bikes this morning but both of those plans got rained out. Instead, I dropped the kids off, dropped the kids off and went from there to do my grocery shopping.

Huh ? What's that ?

Oh, you want to see my haircut.

Ok ... let me just snap a shot in photo booth for you ....

I'll warn you, I haven't brushed my hair since my shower. I'm not getting up to go brush it either because I'll get side tracked on my way to get the brush and possibly never make it back here ! Brushed or unbrushed ... here's the new do ..........

I have changed my shopping day from Friday to Monday. The main reason is lunches. Rory likes to take ham sandwiches, but if I buy ham on a Friday, it's either gone or on it's last legs by Monday ! That does not help us for the work week !

I shop at a few different places. There are two fruit/veg shops that I love to shop at each week. One always has great mark downs on fruit and the other always has great herbs !! Near the second one is the butcher that I love to go to ... the one that sells Rory's favorite ham. There 'smy little Asian shop. And usually I stop at the health food shop but I didn't need to this week. My last stop is always the normal grocery store for the things I haven't been able to find in the other stops. I would like to skip the normal grocery store all together but I can't just yet. I'm working on it though !

How do you shop ? All in one place ? Do you follow the sales or do you have your favorite shops that you go to ?

I'm home now. I've put the groceries way. I've had a shower. I've had some lunch. I'm having a cup of tea and doing some blogging. When the kids get home, we're going to do some baking !

Later tonight, I plan to do an organizing post. I've formatted the pictures ... just need to write it !

I'll leave you with this one little organizing beauty ... I've had a notebook like this for years. It holds all of the little crafty/decoration things that I've pulled out of magazines, catalogs, printed off the internet, been given by friends. You know ... those little bits and pieces that you want to keep for a while til you see if you want to make them ... or home decorating ideas ... that's what I keep in this notebook. It's handy. Very handy.



Mari February 2, 2009 at 2:39 PM  

I love the haircut!

Cheri February 2, 2009 at 11:41 PM  

Cute hair!!
I shop at Save A Lot (it's a cheaper grocery store) for most of my groceries. What I can't get there I go to the bigger grocery store.

Sandra February 4, 2009 at 9:33 AM  

You look so cute :) I love the haircut.

I shop at the commissary on base and that is IT. When I lived in South Africa and Portugal, then yes, I would go get bread from the bakery in the morning and the veggies from the other store and the meat from the butcher etc. Loved it :)

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