Friday, May 31, 2013

Christmas Gifts /// Homemade

I decided that I wanted to do homemade gifts for our extended family this past Christmas.
It was super fun, and everyone appeared to like their gifts. 

Here's what I made ...

 photo CB7F0664-FB93-4BE4-B9AC-47D674DA7648-23800-00000C414C3DDD51.jpg

Vanilla Extract
It's super easy ... here's the "recipe" on my cooking blog.

 photo FCB7BAED-8EBB-4360-89A4-05B43A92DAC0-23800-00000C413C8FC99A.jpg

 photo 5413514D-6867-46DC-85A4-D899710521C2-23800-00000C410240C862.jpg

I had some address labels and I found that Avery has little templates that you can
use to print out some pretty cute labels ... so, I did that and labeled them all
I assembled them differently for different families
One went into a little bike for the garden ..

 photo D4548FC2-374A-4DAB-8C78-46623B716525-23800-00000C4162FA23AB.jpg

Another on a little plastic serving tray.

 photo 828C57E1-F695-4794-9493-4ED75C011B37-23800-00000C41701D67A2.jpg

Another in a garden pot.

 photo 3C5612B4-1B27-46BE-BBCE-B5988FCFD884-23800-00000C417F8C0D70.jpg

And the last as a side to another gift.

 photo EF06254F-7654-414C-8848-6D0BA818B5B6-23800-00000C419CFB21EA.jpg


Mrs. Wallace May 31, 2013 at 3:02 AM  


T'lia June 7, 2013 at 6:10 PM  

This is a nice idea. I meant to do more of this last year for Hanukkah etc., but some of my things failed. I think I will do things I am more familiar with this year! The dukkah looks very appealing, as does the vanilla essence!

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