Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday's Books { 8 }

 I just grabbed a couple off the shelf this week and picked up my reserve ... another Diane Chamberlain. 

Last week's books ... I read the cookbook called Cut Out The Crap.  I didn't like it AT ALL.  That's a bummer, because I love cookbooks.  I love books that are about fresh, healthy food.  But this one just didn't do it for me.  I didn't like the photos ... they didn't make the food look like something I'd want to eat.  I didn't like the sound of the recipes.  And there were things that bugged me ... like a suggestion to put chicken in a recipe that was in the vegetarian section !?!

I've started the novel "The Light Between Oceans" but it's slow going.  Not because it's not a good book, I think it's going to be a great book, but because of two reasons.  1.  It's not a Diane Chamberlain book and I'm so into her style of writing at the moment becuase I have been reading so many of her books.  So ... it's adjusting to a new style ... a new 'voice'.  And 2.  Life has been really really busy ... and I've had less time to sit and read.  And even at bedtime, when I do most of my reading, I've just been going to sleep !  Here's hoping this week finds me with my nose in my book a bit more !
I would love to see your pile of books !  Just take a photo of your library books ... post it somewhere ... anywhere (!) ... facebook, instagram (#thursdaysbooks), flickr, photobucket ... your blog ... and then come leave me a comment so I can come see.

So, tell me ... what are you reading ?  And have you visited your library lately ?


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