Sunday, August 5, 2012

Left to Tell

This book was lent to me by a friend.  It took me only a few hours to read.  I literally could not put it down. 

It is the true story of Immaculee Ilibagiza, a Rwandan woman who lived through the Rwandan holocaust.  Born in 1972, Immaculee is only one year older than me.  In 1994, I turned 21 and set out to discover all that life held for me.  That same year, she was seeing changes in her country that would mean the death of almost everyone she knew and loved. 

Amazingly, she and seven other women survived 91 days hiding in a 3 foot long by 4 foot wide bathroom.  They had very little food, couldn't shower, couldn't make any noise.  They could barely move.

They were hunted and feared for their lives.  Why ?  Because they were from the Tutsi tribe, and someone decided that was bad.  No reason other than that. 

Immaculee spent the long hours, days, weeks, months talking to God and hearing Him talk to her.  Incredibly, their lives were spared time and time again in answer to specific things she had prayed or heard God speak to her heart. 

Unable to even begin to imagine what this woman went through, I was challenged as I read her words.  Especially towards the end where she tells how she was able to forgive the people who killed her family.   She is an inspiration. 

I would recommend this book. 

It is not an easy read by any means. 

But still,  I think you should read it ....



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