Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Firefly Lane

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I think I picked this book up because the cover was pretty.  And because I like fireflies.

I have to say, it's worth reading.  It was a thick novel but it took me no time at all to read.  It probably
helped that Rory and I had a {kid free} weekend away with a two and a half hour plane ride 
each way, and a Sunday afternoon spent relaxing in our hotel room, but still, it seemed 
to read quick.  The story is about friendship.  One popular girl from a more than
dysfunctional family, and one outcast from a  seemingly stable family.  It's
the story of their unlikely friendship, starting when they were very 
young and seeing them through to adulthood.  It's a story of
differences and the paths our lives take based on the
choices we make.  It will make you laugh, it
will make you cry, it will make you
remember what it was like
to be a teenager ...
It's good. I


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