Sunday, April 29, 2012

When God Was A Rabbit

I'll tell you from the start, I'm not sure what I thought about this book.  The main reason being that I'm not sure what the book was actually about ... well, no, I guess I could tell you what it was ABOUT, but I guess I'm just not sure what the point of it was.  But then again, does a book HAVE to have a point ?  Maybe not.  Maybe it's just that I like them to ... have a point, that is.

I'll tell you what I DID like ... 

I liked the style of writing.  It flowed easily and drew me in straight away.  It was descriptive and I felt like I could see the places and the people as they were described.  I like that in a book.

I liked that it kept me interested.  Mostly because I kept thinking there was going to be some twist or turn, or finally I would find out what it was about or what the point was or ...... something.  But in the end, I'm not sure it ever got me there.  

I liked that the characters felt knowable to me.  I felt like I knew their personalities ... but maybe a bit too much of their intimacies.  I did fell uncomfortable in certain sections of the book.  Maybe I was supposed to ?

If you are looking for light hearted, this is probably not your book.  I found the story a bit heavy on the heart ... 

The back of the book says "this is a book about a brother and a sister.  It's a book about childhood and growing up, friendships and families, triumph and tragedy and everything in between.  More than anything, it's a book about love in all it's forms."  I think the simplicity of that is what drew me to read the book.   And I can see now, after having read the book, that it is true.  The book IS about a brother and a sister .... and the rest of it. 

Would I recommend it ?  I'm not sure.  Probably depends who is asking ...


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