Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to Work

In Australia, many businesses shut down from Christmas Eve, until after New Years Day. It's getting less and though ... I remember when we first got here, the grocery store would be closed for days. This year, it was only closed Christmas Day itself and then it had some funny hours but other than that, it was pretty much business as usual for the shopper ...

Rory and I have had 10 lovely days off of work ! We didn't go anywhere far away. We didn't do anything planned. We just did what we wanted. Sometimes that was nothing. Sometimes it was a whole day in the garden. Either way, it was nice to be home. To be together. To not have to think with our work brains.

To do fun things we don't always get to do ...

One fun thing I did was make Chive Flower Vinegars ... I showed you the Garlic Chive Flower one the other day.  Just a couple days ago, I made one with regular chive flowers ! Look how pretty it is ...

And look what I found when I went out to take the photo above ...

An eggplant flower !! 

I love when my plants start flowering because it means that soon we will have fruit ! 

I can't wait to cook up our first eggplant !!

Exciting ! 


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