Friday, November 18, 2011

Apps. My faves ...

A friend of mine recently got an iphone and asked about my favorite apps. I thought I'd do a post here so that I have something to refer other people to when they ask, because everytime someone asks, I'm thinking through it again and then writing it all out. I figure, better to have it here all ready to go ! Because I do like apps !

I was at a picnic with two girlfriends recently and we were talking about our phones and how many photos, videos, songs, apps we have ... just because we were looking at how much memory we had left.

Anyway, they had a few apps each ... like 25 or something. I looked at mine and I had almost 200 !!! ha ha. I've culled them now, and I have 178. I don't use all of them all of the time but I use lots of them, lots of the time.

Here are my most used apps.  Facebook.  I love this app.  I keep in touch with so many people so easily with this.  Perfect for a Navy Brat who moved away from her family when she married the man of her dreams from Down Under !  Messenger ... part of facebook but better.  Safari ... obviously, the internet.  Viber ... free texting and calling to anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi or 3G.  We used it heaps when we were in the States but kept using it once we got home.  I love being able to text my parents and sister and brother and cousin and brother in law in the States !  The Beans Blog and Simple Beauty (my two blogs) for quick reference.  These two aren't apps.  They are just buttons I pinned to the home screen.  Really useful.  Pinterest ... I love this app.  It's like a virtual pinboard.  You pin stuff to it that you find on line and want to keep track of.  And then other people can see it too !  And you can pin stuff from other peoples boards.  Great great stuff on there !  You'll find me HERE if you want to follow my boards.   Camera ... just the normal camera but I use it ALL.THE.TIME !  Camera+ ... what I use to edit most of the photos I take on the phone.  It's my favorite.  Hanging with Friends and Words with Friends ... hangman and scrabble that you can play with real friends.  I LOVE THEM !!  I love games but I love even better games that you can play WITH people !

2nd place ... these more that I use lots. Dropbox is in there because I want to use it on the phone.  I just haven't yet.  But I use it on my computer lots.  Photocabine ... a cute app that does photobooth type photos.  Labelbox ... oh my !  I love this app.  It does the cutest little labels that you can put onto photos !  Photobucket ... if you have a photobucket account.  It's online photo storage.  I have used it for years with my blog.  Instagram ... cool photo editing app.  Diptic ... I love this one too ... it's another photo app ... but you can put your photos into little boxes ... check it out, too hard to explain.  HeyTell ... sort of like walkie talkies !  I love it because sometimes my sister will send me messages of my baby nephew Charlie 'talking' !  Sometimes they are intended for her husband, which totally cracks me up !  Stumble Upon ... I don't use this one so much anymore but it's cool for browsing cool sites.  Vimeo ... like YouTube.  Videos and Reminders ... I haven't actually tried these ones yet.  They came with the now operating system upgrade and I need to check them out.  Reeder ... Google Reader.  It keeps track of all the blogs you subscribe to.  Instead of having to go to each individual blog to see if they have updated it, you just go into this app and it shows you all the updates.  You can read them in there or click over to the actual blog.  LOVE IT !

Notes ... I don't use this one as much anymore because I got a new notes app which I'll tell you about soon !  iP ... iPeriod.  Keeps track of your period and sends you emails to tell you when you can expect it !  SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS APP !!  Woolies, Coles, Big W ... store apps.  Pretty cool.  Check out store apps in your area.  Budget Touch ... this is the budget program we use on our computer.  I like this one for quick reference on the phone, but I never use it to update the budget.  TVFIX ... the TV guide on the web.  Austpost ... post office.  Dirty Dozen ... I'm not even sure what that one is but I think it has to do with food and which ones have more pesticides than others.  ListPro ... A list app I thought looked cool but I never really used.  TripCase ... this app was so cool when we traveled !  You put in all your trip details.  Flights, hotel rooms, rental cars.  It keeps track of all your flights and tells you if they have been delayed ... it actually sends you notification !  LOVED THAT.  I loved having all our confirmation numbers on the phone too !  And maps to the hotels and phone numbers and links to their websites !  Really neat app.  FridgeBuddy ... I really wish I used this one more but I find, even though I love the concept, that I don't really have time to keep this updated.  I used it more for my freezer, to keep track of what's in there.  It's like a little inventory thing.  You can add photos.  Dates.  You can set expiry dates for when you need to use stuff by.


Awesome Note !!! Shay told me about this one and I LOVE IT !   The quick memo is post it notes.  Perfect for little things you need to jot down.  See those tabs ?  You can make your own ! 

Here's what I use the shopping tab for. I keep a running grocery list of things we need.  I love it because when I just run into the store for milk, I'm always thinking what were those other things we needed ?  And now I know ... and I can grab them, if I want to !  Another thing I use it for is the junkmail ... I take a photo of things I'm interested in looking at.  I label it with the date the sale is on and then it's in there for when I happen to pop into that store and I don't have to carry the junk mail in my purse !!  Once you click on that button, you can add a bunch of photos and notes.  Then you just scroll through them.  The last one you see there ... the one that says "good idea?" ... that is something I saw in the store when I was out that I want to ask Rory if he thinks is a good idea.  I was able to take the photo right in the app ... label it.  Done.

You know how I said you could make your own tabs ?  Here is one I've made ... Wines We Like.  I'm going to take photos of the labels of wines we like.  Easy to pull back up when I'm in the bottle shop going "now, which ones are good again?" 

The options really are endless with this app !!  I love it !  It's not free though ...

Snapbucket. This is attached to your photobucket account but it's all about the editing in this one. Pretty cool. And easy to upload to straight from your phone.

Ant smasher. Fun. Addicting. Game. The kids love it. I love it. Smash those ants !

I have a lot of games on my phone.  Mostly ones the kids play.  They love Cat Physics, Doodle Buddy, iFarkle, Unblock me, Hangman, PacMan, Angry Birds, Tap Resort, All of the "Talking" ones, (like Talking Tom ...) 

I love Tetris and Block Touch and Bubble Bust.

I have a Dictionary, Google Maps, The Weather, Wikipedia, XE currently exchange, AroundMe (tells you what restaurants, businesses etc are around where you are - uses GPS), YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Flickr, eBay, Event Cinema, Emoji Free (cool emoticons that come into your keypad for texting) Hipstamatic is a cool photo app.

Shazam is a fun music app.  You just hold it up to the music that's playing and it will tell you the song title and artist !  SO COOL !  I use that one A LOT.  And it keeps a history so you can go back later, when you are wanting to download songs from iTunes and you are all "what was that song I was listening to the other day and thought I might like to buy?" !  Shazam !!

I've got 7, 9 and SBS news but I rarely use them.  I like to think I will use them, that's why I keep them but like I said ... it's RARE.
Ok ... I'd better go.  I've got to jump in the shower and make school lunches yet !  I hope this is helpful !  I don't remember now which of these apps are free.  Lots of them have both free and then you can go to paid (without the annoying ads) if you like them.  

So tell me ... what are your favorite apps ??


Kathy November 19, 2011 at 12:52 AM  

This is great! We had company over Sunday and my husband whipped out his IPad - our friend whipped out his IPhone and they began to swap Apps! It was cute to see their two heads bent over their 'toys' together!
Great selections! I have enjoyed my visit to your blog and am your newest follower!

Khrista November 20, 2011 at 7:18 AM  

I just downloaded two new apps thanks to you! (Awesome Note and Shazam) Is reeder really worth $3? I'm tempted...

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