Thursday, April 14, 2011

day 103 {run} 365

So ... yesterday I posted a photo of my iPhone and called the post FB40.

I'm starting a new fitness regime. This one is going to work.

I've started many but find them all incredibly hard to stick

to, mainly because of life/family commitments. So ...

when my friend Khrista told me about this thing

she was doing on her iPhone, I thought I'd

check it out ...

I was a pretty normal kid. (that's me in the 44)

Very active. I played t-ball. Then softball.
I swam competitively for years.
My first official job (after babysitter and paper girl, of course) was as a lifeguard.
I played on the varsity volleyball team as well.
I loved it all ...

In the photo above, I'm the one at the front of the bike.
You hardly ever caught me in a dress. That little one is my adorable sister Ellie !

I wore dresses more when I got older ...
Here I am in my black Feria dress. The was the day of Vendemia.
The first pressing of the grapes of the year festival ...
Obviously when we were living in Spain.

And then there's this dress. Not that I wore it out ...
I only wore this because Ellie and I were pretending to be models ... We did that a lot.
I wonder if I was trying to be a flight attendant ?

Another 'modeling' session. Only this one was in public !
ha ha. I've never claimed to not be a dork ...

By the time of this photo, I was still fairly fit.
I didn't play any organized sport that I can remember but I
played lots of basketball with the guys that I lived with, lots and lots.

Wedding day ... still fit. Because I was still active.

But, then we moved to Australia and I got a job ...

And after a few years, I got pregnant.

And I piled on the weight. And then I had a C-section.

And then I got pregnant again. And had another C-section.

And though I tried to be active, it just never seemed to be enough. I think in a way, I finally just gave up. It was too hard. I don't just sit around doing nothing, but maybe Rory was right all those years ago ... cleaning house and walking to work don't actually count as exercise.

Anyway ... I've never felt unfit ... until recently.

This photo was taken ... well, in 2007 if I judge by the date stamp ! ha ha ... I think it is me at my most unfit. Or maybe I'm more unfit now, but I don't think so because I'm more active now than I was then ...

Anyway ... I have a free membership to a gym thanks to my job. But, I find it very difficult to use. One ... I hate gyms ! I look around and see people (who work hard !) who are super fit and rather than than inspire me, it depresses me. Two ... it's hard to find the time to get in there !

I love to swim, but finding the time is my issue. Our work schedules just don't allow time for me to do it on my own and if I want to take the kids I have to do it at 5.30am, which I have done but it's not ideal !

I love doing Zumba but coming home and cooking dinner for my family to eat while I'm out, especially when I've been out all day already ... is such a struggle ! Plus ... if I miss a week or two, I'm doomed !

Maybe these are all excuses, but whatever ... they are legit excuses that keep me from getting fit !! So ... this app C25K seemed like a lifesaver ! (click on the link to see what it's all about) I'm only in the first week but I love it !! I'm no runner, but I'm able to do this and I know I can work up to being a runner. And at one stage in high school, I used to run with my Dad. And I loved it ...

Plus, I don't need a gym. Or a pool. Or an instructor. I just need my iPhone and my feet and a bit of space to run. Luckily, I live in a perfect place for that ! Of course, I'm still running on my back patio in my pajamas (I had to make sure I could do it before I tried in public !) but Friday I will put on proper clothes and venture out to the park across the street ...

So ... FB40, my goal, is to be Fit by 40 ! I just had my 38th birthday and I've read all the stuff that says the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight and get fit. So ... I've given myself two years and I've started working hard. I hope it doesn't take two years but if it does, that's a whole lot less than it took me to get to this place !

My photo for today is from after my run this morning ...

Phew ... that was a long 'un ! (the post, not the run)


Kath April 14, 2011 at 7:53 AM  

You go girl!!!

McGillicutty April 14, 2011 at 7:58 AM  

sounds exactly like my life.. it's so hard to be a working mom and stay fit without giving something up. i wonder if they have an app like that for the android??
Good Luck!! the pic after your run is really cute!!!

Mrs. Wallace April 14, 2011 at 8:26 AM  

I'm impressed!! Maybe we get to town you'll be up for some cardio inferno or yoga meltdown with Becky and me! :-) OR you could just come to zumba with me cause that would be so stinkin' fun!! In other news...where DID you get that flight attendant dress??? And that picture of you and AK in India is one of my all time FAVORITE photos of you guys are sooo beautiful and look so much like each other. Love it!

Bonnie April 14, 2011 at 8:32 AM  

Thanks Mom !

McG ... I think it is probably the story of many a mom's life. You should check it out and see if it's on android ! it's really helpful !

PJ ... ooooor, maybe you guys could go for a run with me, if you can keep up ! ha ha. actually, i'd love to go to Zumba with you guys ... cardio inferno sounds like a hell i'd rather avoid and yoga meltdown ... nah, let's do Zumba !

I have no idea where that dress came from ? I'm quite certain it only came out for dress ups ... Maybe it was one of Mom's ?! Who knows.

And yeah ... that photo of me and Mom is a FAVORITE of mine too !! i love it !! I'm so glad I look like her !!

Khrista April 14, 2011 at 11:52 AM  

Love this post! I've missed your blogs!
The app is very handy!
I did a program very similar back in 2003 from Prevention Magazine. We had to use a stopwatch. ha!
I didn't know you were running on your back patio! ha! ha! Must be a big area! I have to hit the streets here. And there are NO sidewalks! ugh! Imagine David, Gwyneth (on her bike) and I on the road and David pushing the stroller! I'm so glad they are game for going with me. I haven't had to go alone yet! I will eventually though. My knees are really hurting me. Hoping I can still do it! I think it may be from kneeling in the garden! ha!
I absolutely love the photo of your Mom and you in India! BEAUTIFUL!
Keep up the good work! You motivate me!!! :)

andrafaye April 14, 2011 at 1:04 PM  

Way to go Bonnie!!

morgandkim April 16, 2011 at 4:19 PM  

good luck bonnie. hope you can achieve your goals

Steph R August 4, 2011 at 3:49 AM  

Sure have not seen you post in a long time. Hope the push for your weight goals is positive and you are achieving what you seek. I wanted to share this short article that I hope helps you maintain a healthy expectation about your fitness gains. Let us know how it is going!

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